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Introducing SnapVideoPro Ö
What is SnapVideoPro? Itís a screen-capture software program, capable of capturing your entire desktop, a portion of it or the active window of the desktop.

But thereís more! SnapVideoPro can also:
* Open bitmap images
* Save to JPG, BMP and TIFF formats
* Apply several photo retouching effects to your image
* Add text to an image
* Draw on an image
* And much more!

In addition, SnapVideoPro can build slideshows for you from the snapshots you take, making it perfect for building desktop presentations!

And thatís still not all!
SnapVideoPro also allows you to work with a virtually unlimited number of snapshots at once!

Yes, itís true!
You can now perform multiple snapshots in the same program, and all your documents will be easily accessible from the SnapVideoPro user interface!

Taking Snapshots of Your Desktop, or Any Portion of It, Has Never Been This Fast or Easy!

Keeping simplicity in mind, we have tried to make SnapVideoPro as easy to use in building professional presentations for your documents as possible! Thatís why SnapVideoPro has the ability to apply photo retouching effects to your snapshot, to add text to it, to draw on it and much more! Plus, you can now save snapshots one by one by using the built-in auto-snapshot feature, and save your snapshots in several graphics formats, including JPG! You can now also resize your snapshots using up to 7 built-in professional resizing filters! Finally, SnapVideoPro includes a fully multi-document interface (MDI), which allows you to quickly switch between your snapshots and edit them as you like! And using the built-in XP-look-alike interface, your visual experience will now become more pleasant and the images will be much easier to work with!

Here Are Just Some of the Many Features This Amazing Program Boasts:

* Ability to capture any portion of the screen
* Work with multiple images at once
* Apply professional photo retouching effects to your snapshots
* Adding images and text to your snapshots
* Resizing snapshots using up to 7 advanced filters
* Configurable, system-wide hotkeys for most common actions
* Save snapshots to multiple image formats
* Capture a mouse-defined region of the desktop
* Capture desktop objects like menus, windows, list boxes, edit fields, etc.
* Directly print snapshots
* Easily create slideshows by using the autocapture feature
* Autohide the program on capture
* Beep whenever capture starts and whenever finishes
* Undo last operation support
* Windows XP look-alike interface, even on non-XP systems
* Complete help manual

Hereís How This Powerful Program Works:

Simply download and open SnapVideoPro. Then start another software program (can be a word processor program such as Microsoft Word, or any other software program).

Now hereís how to capture the contents of the other program window inside SnapVideoPro.

The first step is to choose the desired capture option. Go to the File menu and choose Active Window from the menu. Next, go to the other software program (make it the active program in Windows, by choosing it in the taskbar or by pressing Alt+Tab until the program becomes visible). Now simply press Alt+F12. Wow! Yes, indeed, SnapVideoPro reacts to this keypress and offers you a preview of the snapshot! You may now accept this snapshot or cancel it. To accept the capture, press the Accept button that appears in the preview window.

Once this button is pressed, you will see the snapshot appear in

Congratulations! Itís that simple, you are now ready to start using the advanced features of SnapVideoPro! Hereís Just a Few of the Many Reasons Why You Will Want to Start Using This Simple Program as Soon as Possible:

* Save time Ė Donít use complex, expensive graphics editing software for taking just a quick snapshot! SnapVideoPro offers many functions that will allow you to create a professional printout of your desktop!
* Save money Ė Stop wasting money on software that does not do what you want or does it only partially! With SnapVideoPro, capturing and building a professional image is now easier than ever!
* Concentrate on more important things Ė Start efficiently organizing your work and donít worry about building professional snapshots any more! SnapVideoPro can now do this automatically for you!
* Enhanced functionality Ė SnapVideoPro is so much more than just screen capture software! You can now apply several photo retouching effects to your image, customize it as you wish by drawing on it, placing text on it, and much more!

So What Are You Waiting For?
Stop wasting your valuable time, get SnapVideoPro and make taking screen shots a snap Ė leaving you free to devote more time to growing your business and making more sales!

Inefficiency is one of the main reasons so many Internet businesses fail today.
Remember in todayís competitive Internet marketplace, you need every advantage you can get and SnapVideoPro is a great way to ensure you donít spend too much time struggling to create screen captures and too little time on other important parts of your business.

So what are you waiting for?
Get It For Only $5

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